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The Rule Book says I should have 16 Resource markers and 56 Fatigue markers. I have 0 Resource markers and 16 Fatigue markers. Am I missing a punch board sheet?
No, you're not...you're seeing a printing error, compunded by a typo. There are 12 "+10" Leadership markers included in the game; those should have been the Resource markers. The 56 Fatigue Markers should have been listed as 16 Fatigue Markers.

The good news is the game is still perfectly playable; anything can be used for a marker, even dimes, if you've managed to lose some of the tokens like we have (well, we didn't lose them, we know exactly where in our dog's mouth they ended up, but you get the point).

We apologize for this error, and will be correcting the issues in an upcoming printing; anyone who would like replacement tokens (they're the same as in the first game, by the way) can send us a note at info@walkingdeadboardgame.com.